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Local Focus: Rotorua students taking Māori culture to Japan

It's truly the trip of a lifetime for a lucky group of Rotorua High School students, who are off to Japan to showcase their Māori culture as part of the Tuku …Read more

Local Focus Rotorua students taking Mori culture to Japan

Its truly the trip of a lifetime for a lucky group of Rotorua High School students who are off to Japan to showcase their Mori culture as part of the Tuku Iho exhibition Tuku Iho has been operating in many countries said Jamus Webster Mori
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Help more teenagers discover taonga in their backyard group urges

They see Mori culture in Rotorua on the stage The underpinning focus of the curriculum was to help students develop transferable personal and social skills Bruce Miller said Taking children out of the classroom letting them immerse themselves
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Lauren Burchell

Born in England to English and Brazilian parents she was raised in Japan and moved working a charter or taking a break you can always find Chandler in the water on the beach diving or kiteboarding Native New Zealand Mori Ross left home
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Ratepayers Appeal against Rotorua Council on Representation

The Rotorua District Resident and Ratepayers has appealed to the Local Government Commission LGC against some of the Rotorua Councils proposals The Council is mistaken about how people identify themselves politically in our district It over
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Toku Iho Living Legacy exhibition taking Mori culture to the world

People across Japan and China are expected to get an in-depth look at Mori culture and particularly Rotorua The reach of the exhibition will stretch far beyond the walls of the different museums and galleries reaching into local communities
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A year of progress and performance

In the holidays I travelled to Sri Lanka with fourteen other students and four teachers to take part heading to Rotorua We got to experience many attractions such as a skyline luge ride jet boating thermal pools and a Maori cultural evening
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