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LNG use helps reduce oil-based power production

KARACHI: The power-production landscape has changed significantly over the past one year as higher generation by imported gas and coal-fired power plants has helped in partially phasing out the most expensive oil-based production. On the other hand, …Read more

Saudi Arabia Ventures Into US Natural Gas

Saudi Arabia is looking to invest in US natural gas it would help them to reduce an unwise over reliance on oil-based electricity More gas helps free up for exports some of the 725000 bd of crude oil used in the summer to generate power
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Florida makes 30 million available for natural gas vehicles

Rick Scott said natural gas fleets would help transform the states economy It will reduce our dependence on foreign energy and has environmental benefits he said And the less people spend on oil-based fuel the more money they will have to
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Exporting US natural gas isnt as clean as you think

One of the rallying cries in favor of liquefying and exporting US natural gas has been to help reduce greenhouse gases in It says that the use of US LNG exports for power production in European and Asian markets will not increase GHG emissions
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Who Wins and Who Loses if the US Exports LNG

In sharp contrast European and other overseas chemical companies use naphtha a more expensive oil-based feedstock for the US economy LNG exports should help balance the supply and demand of natural gas and should help reduce price volatility
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Apache A Look At The Wolfcamp And LNG Potential

It had 20 horizontal rigs in the region which helped it achieve 18 year-over-year production Use of natural gas in drilling and fracking reduces the pollution as compared to diesel fuel The use of LNG serves a two-fold purpose it helps reduce
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Australias energy exports increase global greenhouse emissions not decrease them

LNG exports Taylor argued help to reduce global from the production of alternative energy sources displaced by Australias LNG The picture is more clear-cut for coal If there was no Australian thermal coal the type used in power stations
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