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Lizzo review, West Holts Stage, Glastonbury: a woman unabashedly thrilled with who she is and what she is doing

The “Lizzo or Janet” conversation has been raging around Glastonbury attendees of a certain kind ever since the set times were announced. For many of those who grew up against the provocative, boundary-pushing jives of Control and The Velvet Rope, her …Read more

Lizzo review West Holts Stage Glastonbury a woman unabashedly thrilled with who she is and what she is doing

Given that Glastonburys line-up this year was somewhat underwhelming it seemed doubly cruel for Janet Jackson and Lizzo to be making their Glastonbury debuts at the same time on Saturday evening a solid 20 minute walk away from one another The
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Tiffani Thiessen shares first picture of new son Holt with daughter Harper

Tiffani Thiessen welcomed her new son Holt Fisher Smith on Wednesday We are excited to announce the news that we are expecting she wrote adding Harper could not be more thrilled to have a sibling and a playmate We are excited to announce
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Mom of blind autistic singer Kodi Lee on Americas Got Talent says he has no disabilities on stage

You put him on stage and all of people she added Hes just such an innocent soul and hes so happy always And to be around him it helps you be happy Kodi who sat beside her in the interview also seems to be thrilled about the attention
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