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LITS Hosts 2021 Liberal Arts Digital Innovation Workshop

The Liberal Arts Collaborative for Digital Innovation (LACOL) has announced that Hamilton's Library and Information Technology Services will host the …Read more

The Ultimate Marketing Roadmap for a Franchise Pizza Company in 2018 | Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

Day 1: Uber Elevate Summit 2019 | Uber

The ROI of Every Social Media Platform | Fireside Chat with Tyra Banks at Stanford Graduate School

Azure security expert series: Cloud security with Ann Johnson

U celebrates Lewis Arts complex at dedication ceremony

Eisgruber added that the path towards the complex began more than a decade ago with the vision of former University President Shirley Tilghman to seamlessly integrate the creative and performing arts into an undergraduate liberal arts education that is
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2019 UD Mandela Washington Fellowship

She is the co-founder of Abidjan Lit the Mandela Washington Fellowship Hannah will work to expand Nana Arts outside of Nigeria Christie Linonge Etombi is committed to improving cardiovascular health in Cameroon through health education and digital
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Xavier University Makes History with Purchase of MakerBot 3D Printing Center

Provost and Chief Academic Officer Scott Chadwick sent 36 members of his staff to an Innovation Engineering workshop at Eureka He also hopes to add a liberal arts element to the major by requiring a Philosophy of Technology course
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Spring semester brings new initiatives events across Emory

Emory Edge A new pilot course this spring seeks to encourage undergraduate students to gain a deeper understanding of how knowledge from a liberal arts education provides in coordination with LITS EmoryUP and the Office of the Registrar launched
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BHQFU on How to Run a Free Art School with the Worst Business Model

New Yorks Bruce High Quality Foundation University proposes a pretty good solution students take courses ranging from technical hands-on studio workshops in fine arts and maybe about half have an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts whether
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Research Education News

CMPP will continue to host a student-nominated guest speaker annually Prior to MCC Jen worked as an ASLEnglish Interpreter in RITs Colleges of Liberal Arts and Imaging Arts and Sciences Students and postdocs may contact Jen directly to discuss
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