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Lil Nas X came out, but has hip-hop? A macho culture faces a crossroads

“Lil Nas X re-imagined an image of the Wrangler-wearing, horseback riding man's man into a young black representative of youth culture, got the …Read more

Lil Nas X came out but has hip-hop A macho culture faces a crossroads

On June 30 the final day of Pride Month the young country-rap sensation Lil Nas X came out to his 22 million Twitter followers Some of yall already know some of yall dont care some of yall not gone fwm no more but before this month
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Why There Will Never be a GOAT in Hip-Hop An Extensive Analysis

In hip-hop proficiency in almost any area is vague and ambiguous One person may think rapper A has an extremely good as a work of art for years to come For example juxtapose the works of Nas and Lil Wayne Wayne is OBVIOUSLY the most popular
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Real RB seemed like a lost art Fresh voices have changed that but is it enough

Always prevalent yet often forgotten despite the continued rise of melodic RB-infused hip-hop and pop on the charts on radio and on streaming services Yet between Mars sweep at the Grammys and an influx of young fresh faces Ella Mai
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The Current Decade Of Hip-Hop RB Ranked From Worst To Best

Prepare for a dose of nostalgia as we take you back through the decade of hip-hop and rnb And perhaps most importantly has it achieved a lasting even traceable impact or instead fallen out of favor as the years have gone by
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100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time

Ying Yang Twins brought the to the windows to the walls hook originally a black fraternity chant and yowler-producer Lil like Have a Nice Day and Go On Girl becoming one of raps revolutionary female voices Hip-hops first
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Women Are Keeping Dancehall Fresh

The living embodiment of this culture X-rated it took on the Jamaican term for all things vulgar slackness Songs like Stab Out the Meat and Hardcore not only changed the game for dancehall carving a mold Jamaicas female DJs have
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