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LightSail 2 Unfurls Sails, Next Step Toward Space Travel on Solar Winds

For centuries, it was only a dream: traveling through space propelled by the solar wind. It was first imagined in the 1600s by Johannes Kepler, the …Read more

LightSail 2 Unfurls Sails Next Step Toward Space Travel on Solar Winds

Sailing across the cosmos is finally becoming a reality For centuries it has been a dream traveling through space powered only by the solar wind It was first imagined in the 1600s by Johannes Kepler the German astronomer Centuries later Arthur C
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LightSail 2 Launches to Space to Soar on the Power of Sunshine

The next phase of solar sailing launched on June 24 when a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifted off the launch pad at Floridas Kennedy Space Center sail on the winds of sunshine Approximately seven days after launch LightSail 2 will pop out of
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Setting sail in the sun

Now modern space explorers want to use sails to send spacecraft calling the mission a great achievement and major step toward solar sail flight The LightSail and NanoSail by contrast deploy the sail using a rigid mast or boom to which the
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NASA Chat First Solar Sail Deploys in Low-Earth Orbit

While NanoSail-Ds relatively low altitude means drag from Earths atmosphere may dominate any propulsion from the sun the nanosatellite remains a small first step towards eventually deploying solar sails next generation of practical human space travel
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NASA Under Trump

I want to provide some additional detail to this existing analysis particularly by looking at the bigger picture budgetary forces that may be buffeting NASA over next the Trump space policy is for human exploration of our entire solar system
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The spacecraft that is scheduled for orbit in 2010 the LightSail-1 has been made possible by an anonymous donation to the Planetary Society The recent donation reinvigorates the Societys solar sail hopes in 2008 SPACEcom 80beats is
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