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Lifeline: Retro trends that are back in fashion

The crop top which was a trend in the 1990s has reappeared in 2019. The crop top can be worn as casual wear and office wear. Chokers too, a trend …Read more

Fashion-forward trends still hark back

there is a curious obsession with going back and forth between the trends of the late 90s to 2000s Theres never quite the confidence to break free and start a new fashion revolution with the industry repeating niche fads before consumers have even
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The 9 Biggest Trends of Resort 2020

Maybe the dawn of a new decade has something to do with the fact that the nine trends were spotlighting here are not the strict and cinched silhouette of Louis Vuittons future-retro corsets the shades and silhouettes of Resort 2020 are
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Beauty trends from the mens fashion show circuit

We take stock of the seasons hit catwalk beauty trends where it was slicked-back and chic at Pitti Uomo in Florence at MSGM where wet-look bangs stole the show and in Milan with an extreme side part at Versace and a retro edge at Dolce Gabbana
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Fashion Maven Gloria Yu On Being Chic And Sustainable In Hong Kong

More consumers are being made aware and that their choices have a great impact on the fashion industry preventing waste and bettering the planet Yu is also a big believer in vintage shops industry development and trends in Hong Kong
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Fixing fashion

Sustainable fashion is the only option for the Ive seen a growing number of inspiring consumer trends that give me hope daily From buying clothes made in the UK to renting clothes choosing vintage and buying from the growing number of ethical
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Daisy Ridley Rocked These Comfortable Old School Sandals That Will Make You So Nostalgic

Everything old is new again at least when it comes to fashion Its safe to say what the future holds when it comes to trends Remember the adidas Adilette sandals Well its time to welcome them back into your closet It will be a warm welcome
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