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Life Story: Christchurch's Stephen Collins a New Zealand real estate icon

OBITUARY: From 14 real estate offices in New Zealand to more than 900 worldwide, Stephen Collins never lost sight of his dream. The Christchurch …Read more

Life Story Christchurchs Stephen Collins a New Zealand real estate icon

OBITUARY From 14 real estate offices in New Zealand to more than 900 worldwide Stephen Collins was born in Christchurch on September 2 1946 to parents Samuel and Bella He had an older brother Peter Collins left school at 15 the family story
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True story behind Mary Shelley movie – scandalous and tragic real life of woman who created Frankenstein

While many know the female writer for her magnum opus the iconic Frankenstein published anonymously in 1818 her life story is one of high drama the remainder of the Shelley familys estate With the new wealth came multiple attempts to blackmail
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Stephen Collins admits I am broken

Stephen Collins is battling his demons on a large scale The embattled actor sat down with Yahoo Global News anchor Katie Couric to discuss the abuse allegations against him The interview will be posted on Yahoo Friday morning and airs later on ABCs 2020
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Back on dry land in Cairns yachtsman thanks rescuers after ordeal at sea

Alone in the freezing waters off Lord Howe Island watching his yacht sink Stephen Collins thought he was a dead man resident will fly to Sydney today after setting sail for New Zealand from Brisbane on August 29 He lives and works in New Zealand
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Honey is just as effective as treating cold sores as anti-viral creams scientists say

But honey derived from a tree in New Zealand has been found to be just as effective at healing the blistering sore in a trial Participants in a trial used either cream or honey both of which cleared the pain and wound within nine days The substance
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Saving Sergeant Ryan Fighting Season star Jay Ryan goes dark for Foxtels stunning new drama

Not that the New Zealand-born actor is particularly a fan just part of his process to get in and out of character as Australian Army sergeant Sean Speedo Collins of it from seeping into his own life Cue Walk Of Life
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