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Letter: Our failing culture

Seldom am I so stunned at the behavior of people as I am currently with the so-called pro-choice crowd. Pro-choice is merely a synonym for the …Read more


Why Do We Get Grades in School?

How to Hand Letter – FAILED IT!

Do It Again | Live | Elevation Worship

OPINION The United Nations is failing the worlds most vulnerable people Heres how to fix it

A stylized letter F Three evenly spaced dots forming an ellipsis To do this and more we have to drastically change the culture of international organizations The concern with attaining and wielding power should not supersede the concern
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Letter Moravia leadership failing the people

We are in a situation where the leadership of our town has shown a true disservice to their community and the future of this community We are poised on the precipice of creating a community and culture in which those who struggle economically have an
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Editorial Florida gets failing grade on infusing black history culture into public school curricula

To its credit the Palm Beach County School District is one of the few districts that has tried to follow the letter and spirit of the state ensure lesson plans include black history Hispanic culture gender studies and the Holocaust
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Major academy chain given another warning over a failing school

If there is no clear improvement at the school in its 2020 educational outcomes or in the next Ofsted Section 5 judgement our default position will be to remove the school from AET The Ofsted report found that the school was failing to give its pupils
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Letter to the editor Failing to protect all children could be Americas death knell

As it so aptly stated This isnt a debate over abortion Roe v Wade This is stepping back from those discussions and opening our eyes to something no one Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life
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Long before the Max disasters Boeing had a history of failing to fix safety problems

The agency launched or was considering more than a dozen legal enforcement cases against the company for failing to comply with safety regulations federal safety requirements by addressing broader corporate culture and governance issues including
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