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Letter: Arts essential to community

In reply to Stephanie Turlay's letter “Don't support fluff programs” (Our Readers' Views, June 26): The arts are not “fluff.” The arts are an essential part …Read more

Why don't we finish things? An artist's view | Robert Davis | TEDxMelbourne

Hand Art 3D : Hole and A Scale Drawing

How volunteerism can change your world | Joyce Bertram | TEDxVilnius

Seb Lester and the Art of Calligraphy | Skillshare Shorts

Love letter to Lismore Art trails important message

to give back by bringing art music and performances into spaces and shops throughout the CBD It gives REDinc a valuable opportunity to thank the local community for its support over the past two years – a love letter from us to Lismore she said
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College of Arts and Letters looks to expand community ties

dean of the College of Arts and Letters But just as important are the significant and special relationships we have with the community and the organizations that represent the cultural parts of Sacramento U-Create came out of the Colleges desire
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Letters Art is as important as history in the remembrance of the past

to look in the box of letters in the attic to find out about their family connection to the war to think again about the past and how it impacts on our present Good history books open our minds to new ideas and perspectives Good art opens our hearts
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LETTER Eastern an important part of community

Another important aspect to consider is the number of jobs that have The music department also offers Concert Band Jazz Band and choral concerts We also have Tarble Arts Center The Arts Festival EIU Dancers Theater productions and many different
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San Jose song draws rebuke from multicultural arts leaders

San Jose the song does a bad job of representing the diversity essential to San Jose the city Thats the message sent by a group of more than a dozen multicultural arts leaders in an open letter to Joses artistic community who wondered
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New interactive art exhibit at The Gateway expresses love of letters typography and mistakes

Climb through a picture frame to find a miniature art show Discover books sorted by the rainbow or twisting overhead in an arch Love Letters a new immersive and theres a lot of support from the community to do it Dyer said the role
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