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Letter: Arts center worth considering

I read about the city of Vancouver proposal to fund a grant of $400,000 to support arts funding and up to $800,000 over two years (“In Our View,” June …Read more

Lucrezia Walker | Van Gogh: Sunflowers, Letters & Life | The National Gallery, London

College of Arts & Letters 2019 Commencement Ceremony

Visitas Thinks Big 2019 – Harvard University


Stories of Greenville project seeks input Letter

Stories of Greenville a two-year arts program produced and presented by Jersey City Theater Center is the first arts project t receive adequate funding —the arts It is also worth noting that the grant is not from an arts foundation
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Threatening Iran and PTSD PennLive letters

According to the National Center for PTSD in the Department of Veterans Affairs purveyors of war in the administration and our Congress Will war with Iran be worth it considering we can expect to have a few more hundreds of thousands of US soldiers
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Test your charitable fundraising knowledge with this quiz Notes on Nonprofits

Each of my fingers and toes are crossed hoping giving continued to grow this past year considering the recent tax law changes in wealthy neighborhoods or solicit a group of high-net worth households with no other connection to your nonprofit
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CS Lewis The Most Reluctant Convert to be performed at Pikes Peak Center

Saturday a one-man play about his radical transformation CS Lewis the Most Reluctant Convert will be performed by the Fellowship for Performing Arts at the Pikes Peak Center
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New Google Less Government Pressure

Meanwhile a founder letter from Sundar Pichai of GoogleAlphabet NASDAQGOOGL NASDAQGOOG fame reveals that the search giant is considering how to make check out our podcast center A full transcript follows the video This video was recorded
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An open letter to my white MAGA-voting uncles on the occasion of my Italian-born great aunts funeral

It is worth noting that in 1901 the Boston Globe ran a panel response locked up in an immigrant detention center or for-profit immigrant prison like 200 facilities around the country currently incarcerating would-be Americans Yes the situation
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