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League of Legends – Riot Games anuncia rework de Pantheon!

O herói, conhecido por possuir um aspecto de guerreiro espartano, recebeu uma estética que ressalta os aspectos divinos do Deus da Guerra que outrora fez parte do corpo de Pantheon, trazendo novas cores e armas para o poderoso combatente – que …Read more

Novo Client do LoL Está a Caminho – Riot Games Client


URGENTE: GREVE NA RIOT!!! SIM, a RIOT pode estar entrando em GREVE! Descubra o porquê aqui

New League of Legends CLIENT 9.20 concept – REVIEW

Marc Merrill teases League of Legends MMO with interactive Runeterra map

Its been a long-running joke within the League of Legends community that Riot Games dont deserve the s in their name with the MOBA being the companies only major video game title In October it will be nine years since LoL released and it could
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League of Legends 89 Patch Notes Mid Season Mage and Objective Changes

Justice Department Is Not Going To Be Extorted Here are the full League of Legends 89 patch notes straight from Riot Games Mages Changes Mages pretty much have two mana states pre-mana purchase and post-mana purchase During their first trip to
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Riot plan on reworking the on my way ping to display distance

Riot Meddler has released a post on the League of Legends forums and has revealed a rather interesting Some of the topics included the recent Swain rework and KaiSas release process with questions about her comic and spotlight Riot have also been
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