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League of Legends: All abilities leaked for Pantheon rework

Riot have stated that although the update is a complete overhaul of Pantheon's abilities, they want the champion to have a similar overall feel to his original incarnation, and that “a lot of the basic actions you're taking are going to be very similar to before.”.Read more

League of Legends Pantheon Rework Abilities Leak Shows Off What Spartan Champion Can Do

The latest rework coming to League of Legends is for the Passive Mortal Will-After five basic attacks Pantheons next basic ability is empowered Q Comet Spear-Tap Pantheon strikes in a direction damaging all enemies in a line
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League of Legends Reveals Pantheons New Abilities

Riot Games has now fully revealed its rework for League of Legends abilities effects Each of those can be found below listed below Tap Pantheon strikes in a direction damaging all
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Heres your first look at League of Legends Pantheon rework

League of Legends developer Riot Games has just lifted the lid on its next champion rework In line with hints dropped earlier this year Pantheon is the next some increased defenses All of the champions abilities have been changed but Riot
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League of Legends Akali Rework Is Leaked On Reddit New Kit Detailed

The League of Legends Akali rework has been leaked on Reddit and now we can get into actually breaking down the various changes that Riot Games has made to her giving her new abilities and new finally hits the game All of the details for her rework
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League of Legends Pantheon is next in line for a rework

League ability although lets hope that Riot actually puts the Grand into Grand Skyfall this time around Related Stay up to date with the League of Legends patch 99 notes Theres no release date offered for Pantheons rework
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League of Legends Akali Rework Leaked Check out the Rogue Assassin UPDATE

YouTuber Professor Akali just leaked the highly anticipated League of Legends Akali VGU rework Shes still an all-in or die champion but players using her have to think a bit more carefully about how to use her abilities Does she dash onto an
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