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Larget-Caplan earns French arts medal

Larget-Caplan, who teaches at UMass Boston, was awarded the Médaille d'Étain from the Socièté Académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres in a ceremony …Read more

Rich Brian – Cold (Official Music Video)

2018 Spring Commencement, Morning Bachelor's Ceremony

Interview: How Daniela Iraschko-Stolz became a ski-jumping star


Larget-Caplan earns French arts medal

Dorchester-based classical guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan received a French award last month in recognition of his contributions to the music world Larget-Caplan who teaches at UMass Boston was awarded the Mdaille dtain from the Socit
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Senior earns National Gold Medal in Scholastic Arts Awards competition

SUMMIT NJ April 11 2016 Oak Knoll senior Emily Goncalves 16 recently joined the likes of artist Andy Warhol author Sylvia Plath and filmmaker Ken Burns when she was awarded a National Gold Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition
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Water speech earns Burnaby student national silver

a Burnaby French immersion student a silver medal at a national public speaking contest Alpha Secondary Grade 12 student Hamish Clinton advanced to the Canadian Parents for French Concours dart oratoire national competition held in Gatineau
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Serdas Coffee earns bronze award for limited-edition roast

A cup of Ethiopian Tchembe fresh out of a French Press at Serdas Coffee in downtown Mobile Roasted on Royal Street the coffee recently earned Serdas a bronze medal in the emersion filter category at the Golden Bean Awards in Portland Oregon
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Veteran earns Legion DHonneur

It was for his brave service during the Normandy invasion as well as the landings in southern France that Coyle 86 recently received the Legion DHonneur Medal from the French government Bostons Institute of Contemporary Art attended by some
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Sixth-grader earns Community Spirit Award

The award included a medal that Rossborough was presented with Monday announced their retirement at the end of the school year KHS French teacher Hassina Taylor Mary McCarthy art teacher at MSK Anne Rodier gifted and talented teacher Tom Post
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