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La transformación digital no desplazará al capital humano

Según el estudio Se buscan personas: los robots las necesitan, elaborado por la firma de personal más grande del mundo, la transformación digital no será motivo de desplazamiento del capital humano, toda vez que la tecnología requerirá de personal que …Read more

How to Use and Master Your Second Brain in 2019 – Tiago Forte – ProdCon

Bitcoins su evolución hasta hoy | la especulación acuña las criptomonedas

The 58th Presidential Inauguration of Donald J. Trump (Full Video) | NBC News

¡Conéctate! #AlAire

The counterweight strategy how to turn a weakness into an asset

It seems obvious but its very common for us to deny this and it makes us lose precious time If were bad at something there is no need to fight reality Nor does it help to blame ones bad luck or anything else Do you know anyone who is good
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The future of beauty

This is a project about the future of beauty standards says Omar I try to figure out what would be considered elegant if all these things that we currently value were to disappear if we were living in a world where there was no gold anymore
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