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KP achieves planting billion trees in 3 years

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has successfully accomplished the commitment of growing one billion trees in the shortest possible time of three years. READ MORE: People to reap benefits of govt policies soon: Fawad. According to sources, ‘Billion Trees …Read more

Pakistan Ready To Complete Billion Tree Project | Discovery Point

PTI & Imran Khan can Adopt Drones,to Plant 1 BN TREE, Tsunami/Billion Tree Project, KPK Pakistan.

Will billion tree Tsunami effect temperature of KP? – Capital Live With Aniqa 14 November 2017

Clean and Green campaign by PM Imran Khan, a citizen from Kashmir plants 30, 000 trees

KP is almost done planting one billion trees Are the other provinces up for the challenge

The reforestation target is not simply planting one billion trees as has been popularly perceived The project has three parts that in just one year it has increased the net forest area from 20 to 26 per cent in the KP Moreover 13 per cent of
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Billion tree project at risk in KPs tribal districts

The KP government has already carried out the Billion Tree Tsunami afforestation project at the estimated cost of Rs18 billion and grew over one billion trees during the last five years according to the forest department The forest-covered area in merged
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PM launches countrywide drive to plant 10 billion trees in five years

Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday launched a countrywide drive here to plant 10 billion trees across the country within five years to counter challenges of global warming and deforestation The prime minister was accompanied by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP
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Tree tsunami Pakistani province to plant one billion trees by the end of 2017

One of Pakistans greenest provinces is becoming greener still In just a year it has added three-quarters of a billion new trees as part of a are in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP province where Khans tree planting effort is expected to hit its
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Pakistans Billion Tree Tsunami surpasses Bonn challenge commitment

Image Credit Supplied Islamabad Pakistans province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP has reached a new milestone by planting one billion trees in two years exceeding a global rates in Asia with less than 3 per cent forest cover About 40 per cent
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Pakistans Incoming Government to Plant 10 Billion Trees

Decades of tree felling have reduced the countrys forests to less than 3 percent of its land namely Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa KP He then tasked the new provincial government to plant 1 billion trees within its mandated five-year term and they had hit
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