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Korean Retailers Unjustifiably Hike DRAM Prices Following Japanese Curb

Last week Japan decided to remove South Korea from its ‘White List’ of countries that are granted expedited export processes. This removal resulted in a 90-day approval period for exports to South Korea that are critical to the country’s semiconductor industry …Read more

Asian Stocks Nudge Higher as Oil Backs Down

Asian stocks traded higher as a pullback in oil prices calmed concerns that their recent surge could derail the global recovery nudging investors back towards riskier assets No 3 maker of DRAM memory said on Thursday it wanted to hike chip prices
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DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR Homeopathy worked for meso why not offer it on the NHS

The Prince of Wales caused outrage among the scientific community this week His crime Hes become patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy a 175-year-old organisation that promotes this alternative therapy Homeopathy has come under sustained attack in
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Korea-Japan currency feud deepening

The currency feud between Seoul and Tokyo His remarks came a day after Japanese Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda criticized the Korean government for frequent market intervention to curb the wons rise calling into question Koreas leadership
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Asian shares edge higher with Fed meeting in focus

SINGAPORE AP Asian markets were mostly higher Monday on hopes that the Federal Reserve would re-evaluate its hawkish stance at a meeting later this week following signs of slower global growth KEEPING SCORE be its ninth hike since late 2015
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STOP swimming with diarrhea Fecal germs have sickened thousands of swimmers

Before you head for a dip in the pool beware more and more American swimmers are catching crypto an illness caused by exposure to poop The rate of people being sickened cryptosporidium a parasite has soared 13 percent since 2009 with more than
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Markets Live Resources in reverse gear

The stock was fetching more than double that price last Wednesday before the scandal broke The Japanese carmakers disclosures have intensified scrutiny of how carmakers label and advertise fuel efficiency following to meet North Korean leader Kim
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