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KFC Just Launched a Bucket Hat That, If You Want, Still Doubles as a Chicken Bucket

Have you ever looked at an empty, grease-saturated bucket of KFC fried chicken and thought, “Damn I wish I could wear that”? Dream no more, you sartorial visionary and/or Buckethead superfan, because KFC has finally pulled the trigger on an official …Read more

KFC Launches Fried Chicken Bucket Hats

KFC in Russia has launched the ultimate fashion accessory for fans of fried chicken with this chicken-bucket-bucket-hat to just 599 until 14 July The summer promo kicked off on 17 June and runs through until this Sunday meaning youve still
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KFC creates a chicken bucket that prints photos

As pointed out by The Verge this incredibly unnecessary gadget is called the Memories Bucket and has video which you can watch below This is not the first time KFC has released some somewhat barmy tech It just recently unveiled the KFC Tray
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KFC is selling a 10000 internet-blocking tent

Let Colonel Sanders protective embrace take you back to a simpler time snugly inside the tent sharing a bucket of KFC fried chicken though it could presumably be used by just one or two people who simply want to disconnect
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KFC Canada Wants You to Buy Chicken With Bitcoin

The product launched with a four-hour livestream So dont go spending a potential million dollar currency on a few chicken tenders Or just live like KFC wants you to and put that bitcoin in a bucket
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KFCs Big Game of Chicken

But nothing beats the massive illuminated red-and-white bucket perched atop a 20-foot pole emblazoned with a grinning goateed Colonel Harland Sanders For Americans Sanders may be the faded icon who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken now KFC 60 years ago
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For Japanese an original recipe for holiday dinners

Families and couples across the country will no doubt spend Christmas Eve and Christmas sitting around a big cardboard bucket of the American-based fast-food chains chicken And if you want to get campaign was launched in 1974 KFC has expanded
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