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Kelly McGillis Pretty Sure She Knows Why She Wasn't Asked Back for the New Top Gun Sequel

In case you were wondering if Top Gun: Maverick features any kind of cameo from Kelly McGillis's Charlie Blackwood (she was an astrophysicist and Topgun instructor, so it stands to reason she'd still run in the same circles), we've got some bad news.Read more


Ground Control

Top Gun star Kelly McGillis makes a rare public appearance 32 years after release of hit film

And Kelly McGillis she will be part of the reprisal Last week it was reported by The Wrap that her co-star Val Kilmer 58 will reprise his role in the upcoming Top Gun 2 The sequels plot line featuring Tom Cruise has yet to be revealed Back
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Top Gun 2 cast release date and all you need to know

Why no on the sequel commenced suggesting she wont play a part The death of Top Gun director Tony Scott in August 2012 stalled any progress on the project leading to speculation that the movie might be scrapped entirely A new name would have
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Top Gun Why Tom Cruises flying actioner is an unintentional gay classic

Looking back its hard to believe nobody noticed Released on May 16 1986 the week after robo sci-fi Short Circuit and the week before naff spook-sequel Poltergeist II The Other Side Top Gun promised with Charlie Kelly McGillis appears to
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No the Supreme Courts Marriage Ruling Doesnt Mean All States Must Recognize Each Others Gun Carry Permits

Just ask Shaneen Allen who faced many years in jail for bringing her Pennsylvania-legal gun into New Jersey and being honest enough to in such a case over DCs carry laws explain that he knows public carry has made his life safer
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New homeowner fears theres a GRAVE in her garden after discovering a headstone on top of what she thought was a raised flowerbed

A new homeowner has revealed how she got the shock of her whove been there a while who would know Tigerbandage added You can legally bury a body in your garden but if you bought it Im pretty sure the solicitor should have found this
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Tom Cruise Winging It

Youre looking pretty inconspicuous back here Wanna see the iguana was Cruises love interest played by Kelly McGillis Originally the character was to be a gymnast but everyone agreed that she should be more integral to the pilots
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