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Keep showcasing Origin in nation's best stadiums

So the people of Darwin benefit from the NRL going there and the game of rugby league gets a chance to grow more in the Northern Territory. It's about spreading the game and giving people options. We did it this year with NRL Magic Round in bringing all …Read more

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What America's shopping mall decline means for social space

MORE Ridiculously Wrong Shinies in Old Pokemon Games (Stadium 2)

Toddler Chain-Smokes Through 2 Packs of Cigarettes a Day

Keep showcasing Origin in nations best stadiums

The success of the Origin game in Perth has to be built upon Weve taken games to Melbourne in the past and obviously Adelaide next year so to me that makes perfect sense to play our game in the best stadiums in Australia Its a fairer system with
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Eagles Unveil 125 Million Plan For the Linc

The extra seats will further close in the stadium which in theory should help keep more of the noise in And a new escalator will be built on the west side Showcasing Eagles History There will be images of the best players and moments displayed
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Petoskey lacrosse rolls past St Francis in Northmen Stadium debut

Of course the Northmen were more than happy to finish off a 20-11 win in their first game at the new Northmen Stadium in program history got to bring our best effort and play with poise Kidd said If were up we have to keep our foot on the
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Eaters Guide To New Vikings Stadium Go Hungry

The Vikings have announced their culinary partners that will help shape the eating experience at US Bank Stadium of the establishments that best represents the prospering local food scene What it lacks in a long history in the city it makes
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Olympic Opening Ceremonies 2016 Complete Guide to Watch and Follow the Event

Most people are only watching swimming track or gymnastics every four years completely forgetting to keep count of how long its been Every opening ceremony features an extended spectacle showcasing the history and culture of the host country
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Toasted Grasshoppers A Favorite Of Seattle Mariners Fans On Offer At MLB FoodFest

The stadium quickly sold out of the item during the first three games of the 2017 season It just took off We couldnt keep them on our shelves been consumed for centuries and have a long history as snack food at sporting events
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