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Kamala Harris was the Democrat you could imagine taking on Trump

Sen. Kamala Harris is the closest Democrats have to a potential consensus candidate. She doesn't suffer from the enmity that Hillary Clinton voters have for Sen. Bernie Sanders, or that leftists hold for former Vice President Joe Biden, or the Obama …Read more

Will Senator Kamala Harris Run for President?

Kamala Harris On President Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies | The Last Word | MSNBC

William Barr stumped by Kamala Harris' question

Sen. Kamala Harris calls President Trump's proposed border wall a 'vanity project' | The View

Democratic debate analysis Heated exchanges including between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden

Hes the frontrunner and I cant imagine anything was done personal and a willingness to assertively take on both Trump and Biden Doyle McManus Ill go ahead and nominate winners and losers Kamala Harris was the winner impressive and effective
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Kamala Harris Shows Shes Here to Capture the Crown

The pace was faster and the barbs sharper at the second Democratic primary debate But while several candidates landed blows on the frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden only one slayed Sen Kamala Harris imagine what she can do to Trump
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Kamala Harris won the first Democratic debates and it wasnt even close

Kamala Harris on Thursday had the strongest performance Tonight she looked like somebody you could easily imagine addressing the Democratic convention as the nominee next summer
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And Now the Dream of a Harris-Buttigieg Ticket

Kamala Harris during the second night of the Democratic trauma of the Trump years But the debate brought into vivid relief the shortcomings of his candidacy and the risks of graduating him to the general election When youve been in politics
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Kamala Harris won the 2020 Democratic debates second night

Kamala Harris Trump without making her opposition to him the be-all end-all of her appeal Her response to Bidens prevarication about federal busing was masterful This could be the only
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Biden Dated Himself Underperformedand Was Eaten Alive

It was Kamala Harris star turn It was Joe Bidens nightmare And its Elizabeth Warrens nomination to lose Sanders complete and total conquest of the Democratic that only a white man can take the fight to Donald Trump was full of it
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