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Kamala Harris stole the show: How far can she go in the race?

It feels a little patronising to say, of Kamala Harris, that "a star is born". The California senator used to be the state's attorney general. But there are no two ways about it: her profile was undoubtedly raised during the Democrats' debate in Miami. At one point …Read more

NBC played it smart by getting out of the way when Kamala Harris challenged Joe Biden over race

Go for 30 seconds she directed the senator from California Harris seemed memories for far longer than six minutes Late-night host and comic Trevor Noah unpacked the moment later on his Comedy Central show At this point Kamala was busing
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What Kamala Harris past debate performances tell us about how shell do tonight

Kamala Harris should not go below the dignity of this debate or the office we seek she told Cooley at the 2010 forum Almost a decade later that experience staying composed during a contentious fight could come in handy as Harris goes up
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Joe Biden throws own campaign into turmoil after searing Harris attack

Reeling from an attack by a much younger rival Kamala Harris To the victor go the spoils Harriss strong performance in Miami immediately established her as a potential rising star of the 2020 campaign She joins Massachusetts Sen
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Kamala Harris stole the show How far can she go in the race

It feels a little patronising to say of Kamala Harris that a star is born The California senator used to be the states attorney general But there are no two ways about it her profile was
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Power Up A breakout and a bust Kamala Harris takes Joe Biden to task in Democratic debate

Kamala D Harris D-Calif stole the thunder from former vice weaknesses of the current front-runner on issues of race It was perhaps the most memorable moment of the Democratic primary so far Harris confronted Biden about proudly describing his
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The High Stakes for Kamala Harris in the South Carolina Primary

She added I do think its a perfect opportunity for Biden to show to go Harris doesnt have a story like that yet but her hopes to follow in his path and use South Carolina as a springboard for the nomination looked a lot less far-fetched
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