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@JPPM.FR Is the Instagram Account Sharing Endless Fashion Inspiration

From fashion photography and watching old movies to cutting out pictures from magazines and making collages on my bedroom floor (which I still do …Read more

Love Zara You need to follow this Instagram account ASAP

Thats why were not surprised to see that new Instagram account The Devil Wears Zara has already And not only do the stylish duo provide endless outfit inspiration on how to style Zaras latest drops they also give sneak peaks of pieces
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The Best Australian Brands to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a bottomless well of inspiration the categories are multiple and most of the players are MVPs If you find the endless Instagram accounts in various categories In this installment we put the spotlight on Australian fashion and interior
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Is Instagram making Australian fashion bland or saving its life

A new generation of small-scale Australian brands have emerged from the social media platform deftly managing this blend of inspiration might take over their Instagram account during a festival Ms Abegg suggested Australian fashion Instagram has
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5 Tips To Starting A Successful Travel Instagram From An Influencer Who Did It

These days Instagram is the go-to destination for travel inspiration Theres an endless amount of travel accounts Do you want to share your spontaneous adventures with your followers or would you rather showcase your fashion on-the-go
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Is Instagram Ruining Our Lives Fashionista Editors Get Real

Communicating visually through Instagram however was something I could relate to a little bit more and I do get to see some pretty cool stuff in my life from my cat to Paris Fashion Week thats worth sharing as a source of inspiration and
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The Instagram effect how social media is fashioning modern retail

Instagram is making inroads into mobile retail The ultimate fashion magazine Since its launch in 2010 the photo-sharing app has been a source of inspiration to its predominantly young user base with endless beauty fashion and lifestyle accounts filling
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