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Jony Ive helped make Apple what it is today

On Thursday, Apple confirmed that Jony Ive is leaving after nearly 30 years at the company. He’s starting his own creative business called LoveFrom, with Apple being his first client. The news reverberated through the tech and business world like a …Read more

Celebrated Apple Designer Jony Ive Is Leaving The Company After Nearly 3 Decades | TIME

Apple Watch Series 4 Jony Ive Reveal

Introducing Apple Watch Series 4 — Apple

Apple's Sir Jony Ive's top tips for success – CBBC

Jony Ives departure from Apple is an even bigger test than losing Steve Jobs

On Thursday Apple announced that design chief Jony With Ives departure Apple finds itself facing its biggest test since Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 You could always find some misses in Ives work but his design philosophy helped create
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Jony Ive helped make Apple what it is today

Ive may have left the company but his legacy lives on On Thursday Apple confirmed that Jony Ive is leaving after nearly 30 years at the company Hes starting his own creative business called LoveFrom with Apple being his first client The news
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Jony Ive Designer Who Made Apple Look Like Apple Is Leaving to Start a Firm

Apple did not make that Jony has made not only at Apple but in the world is huge Mr Jobs told Mr Isaacson He understands what we do at out core better than anyone As the head of Apples industrial design team Mr Ive helped shape
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The 4 Ways Jony Ive Changed Apple and With It the Way We Feel About Technology

After Steve Jobs there is no one more associated with the iconic design of Apple products than Jony Ive Yesterday however iPod design is about as classic an example of how design can make technology more accessible to users The click wheel seems
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Jony Ives Apple exit has been a long time in the making after he was turning up to the office only twice a week

Apple announced the resignation of its famed design chief Jony Ive on Thursday after his near on the brink of bankruptcy in the late 1990s and helped turn it into the trillion-dollar company it is today He was also a close confidant of Steve Jobs
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Jony Ives exit from Apple raises questions about its future

When Jony Ive became leader of Apple at which people began to pay attention to Apple again on something other than how badly economically the company was doing Apple today is financially secure But Ives looming departure will once again raise
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