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Jobs boom puts squeeze on Geelong tenants but opens door to property investors

Real Estate Institute of Victoria figures show just 1.6 per cent of rental homes in the Geelong region were vacant. Local property managers say there …Read more

YEAR IN REVIEW Stabilizer sums business scene in 2013

Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window The steady ramp-up attracted investors from around the globe It put the squeeze on short sales and pushed prices to a point that opened the doors to new home construction again Foreclosure-related
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12 important lessons all property investors should remember in 2019

Yet the regular market cycles mean each boom sets us up for the next few years as we experienced a credit squeeze with banks restricting finance to property investors as APRA tightened credit extension Put simply If you cant get more finance
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Oregon Likely to Become the First in the Nation to Adopt Statewide Rent Control

The policy would have a greater impact on the majority of developers who construct buildings with the intention of selling them off to investors That leaves open the door for landlords to kicks tenants out renovate units and then put them back
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Who owns our green and pleasant land

The whole village was put up for sale in 2009 for 225 million and bought here in the recent past Greg Lake of Emerson Lake and Palmer had the next-door property But it is the members of the global financial elite who can most likely afford
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The New Hamiltonians

Cycling had turned into a series of death-defying attempts to squeeze between streetcars and construction zones I had become ever more disillusioned with the political gridlock at city hall that put transit stop to hold a door open for you even
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Few positives to be found in negative gearing

The prime culprit is negative gearing Usually only featuring in public debate in its real estate context the ability to write of interest payments against other income is not just available to property investors but also to shareholders businesses and
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