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Joaquin Phoenix is planning to “Oscar” for the role of Joker

Warner Bros. decided not to show the video “the Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix at the July Comic-Con, 2019 in San Diego, which has traditionally showcased the superhero blockbusters. Instead, Warner Bros. take the “Joker” at the Venice film festival, which …Read more

Joaquin Phoenix in talks to play the Joker in 80s-set Scorsese-produced tale

Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly eyeing the role of the Joker in a new 80s-set origins tale from The Hangover director Todd Phillips According to sources at Variety the Oscar-nominated actor take on the role but the plan fell through
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Just How Method Will Joaquin Phoenix Go to Play the Joker

Right away Phillips named Joaquin Phoenix as his character The role of the Joker also took its toll on Heath Ledger though Ledgers family objects to the apocryphal story that sleepless nights preparing for his Oscar-winning The Dark Knight
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Joaquin Phoenixs Joker Movie Has An Official Plot Synopsis Now

In stark juxtaposition to the characters typical handling Joker will give the Clown Prince of Crime an origin story– told through the eyes of Joaquin Phoenixs Heath Ledgers role in The Dark Knight Rises such an iconic and Oscar winning performance
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Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed For Joker Origin Movie

confirmed this week what weve all known for a while — three-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix has officially signed on to Leto is supposed to reprise his Joker role for Suicide Squad 2 as well as a repeatedly mentioned solo Joker movie of his
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Ben Afflecks Brother Said the Sweetest Words About Jennifer Garner as a Parent

The Oscar winner had nothing but kind words to share about The younger Affleck brother has two sons Indiana 15 and Atticus 11 with ex-wife Summer Phoenix the sister of actor Joaquin Phoenix Garner and Ben Affleck were married from 2005 to
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The Dark Knight turns 10 How Heath Ledgers Joker fueled our archvillain obsession

do things his gruesomely made-up Joker insisted Plan or More Joaquin Phoenixs Joker origin story is officially on and fans are irked Related The Dark Knights Joker did not kill Heath Ledger says sister Heath Ledgers role has had a huge
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