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Jimmy Carter says Donald Trump is president 'because Russia interfered'

… the election or contributed to Trump's victory, and no evidence has emerged that votes were changed improperly. Deanna Congileo, a spokeswoman for the Atlanta-based Carter Center, declined a request Friday to speak to Carter for further explanation.Read more

Mum denied a colonoscopy despite bleeding from her bowels finally diagnosed with cancer

Doctors failed to diagnose Fiona Cullen 39 because they twice refused to give her a colonoscopy I was expecting them to say it was some kind of polyp and theyd take it out after Morgan was born she said Signs that the cancer had spread through
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Dying For Montenegro

Trump also seems to understand that Russia is not going to be Americas greatest adversary this century China is Somebody please explain to me why my sons should die for Montenegro Im not trolling you Im listening
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Russian threats may have stopped widow of poisoned tycoon from helping police investigating his death

But Mrs Perepilichnyy may have ended co-operation with detectives probing his death because she was threatened by people in Russia and is scared Mr Perepilichnyy then 39 because he wanted to show her Paris She says they had met twice before
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