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JFrog swampUP: DevOps Culture Is a Powerful Force

The notion that culture is such an important part of DevOps and high-performing IT teams gets plenty of lip service, but not every organization really …Read more

JFrog Acquires CloudMunch the ROI Speedometer for Containers and DevOps

CloudMunch is democratizing DevOps and accelerating the process with a powerful full stack Intelligence solution CEO and Co-Founder of JFrog At swampUP we announced the JFrog platform an end-to-end bundled solution for fast releases
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US job market sneezing blowing nose Will we catch cold too

The manufacturing sector laid off 15000 people The BLS doesnt track jobs by type only by industry so we cant use this data to get a sense of how the IT portion of the labor force is doing compared to other types of work But we can pick apart the
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JFrog Launches Xray 20 with High Availability to Bolster DevSecOps

With high availability DevOps teams can easily upgrade and perform maintenance activities with no disruption to their CICD pipeline Unlike any other binary analysis product JFrog Xray breaks down artifacts according to their specific packaging
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Hey wannabe Murdochs yet more chances to run your own telly station

Previous UK attempts at local TV have found it impossible to raise sufficient revenue but the Ministry of Fun aka Culture Media Sport has brow-beaten the BBC into funding the transmission network to the tune of 25m as well as pushing it to buy
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