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Jersey travel: Enjoying simple pleasures on a family trip

Having two-year-old twins can be tough. They tend to run off, giggling, at the slightest opportunity – and in opposite directions. That's not a problem on …Read more

Jersey travel Enjoying simple pleasures on a family trip

Having two-year-old twins can be tough They tend to run off giggling at the slightest opportunity – and in opposite directions Thats not a problem on this beach We are in St Brelades Bay Jersey where a vast expanse of spotless sand slopes gently
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Make Summer Memories at Home

Family vacations are wonderful but a weeklong out-of-state trip doesnt always fit in the schedule or in the budget Farmers are notorious for opting out of travel simple pleasures like swimming in the pond swinging from the big oak tree and
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How to pull off a tech-free family vacation the whole family will enjoy

So considering a tech-free trip for the entire family may seem t receive cell service and enjoy the solitude of nature Once the kids stop whining that their phones dont work theyll discover the simple pleasures of stacking rocks and skipping
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How to holiday with kids stress-free trips with babies and toddlers in tow

Now that we have two teens and a tweenie I find myself comparing our family trips and holidays with those when the Though we often think the simple pleasure of sharing some freshly baked bread and whatever local fruit is in season in France for
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Qatar- Why it is so important to spend quality time with children

Here are just a few suggestions Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of home life with your family such as family mealtime shopping or participating in religious activities together
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DIFI shares tips on healthy parent-child relationships

As documented in DIFIs recent study Work Family Balance Challenges Experiences and Implications for Families work-family balance is often elusive and mostly experienced during such holidays and extended vacation time Indeed over one-third
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