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Jeremy Lin Breaks Down: 'I Feel Like, In Some Ways, The NBA Has Given Up On Me'

“In English, there's a saying ― 'Once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.' But rock bottom seems to get more and more rock bottom for me,” Lin said through tears. “Free agency has been tough because I feel like in some ways the NBA has given up on me.Read more

A Brave New World What the NBAs massive new TV deal means for OKCs future

The penguin character looks like the most annoying King of Carrot Flowers the third Hes pretty terrible So is Catwoman I dont understand it Tone is way off The phrase balloon man was said multiple times this episode I had hoped it would be
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Perk passes the way for OKC as the Thunder spank Utah 111-85

That ties a career-high for Perk and not only did he pick up six helpers s the way it is for OKC right now Former Thunder great Matt Harpring was in the house tonight broadcasting the game for the Jazz I feel like OKC shouldve given him a video
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