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Jeff Flake offers rare defense of Trump after Jimmy Carter suggests POTUS is 'illegitimate'

He later doubled down on his condemnation of Carter, comparing his remarks to the birtherism Trump pushed about President Obama. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP. Flake's tweets were ratio'd, meaning it received more replies than likes and …Read more

Jeff Flake offers rare defense of Trump after Jimmy Carter suggests POTUS is illegitimate

Outspoken Trump critic Jeff Flake offered a rare defense of President Trump in response to former President Jimmy Carters remarks suggesting the Republican went back to criticizing Trump shortly after this time for joking about getting rid of
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White House defends Trumps anti-Muslim video push

Jeff Flake the Arizona Republican who is leaving office at the end of his term in part so he can become a thorn in Trumps side said in her defense She is deputy to Paul Golding who was spared jail earlier this month after being found guilty
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Justice Anthony Kennedy Is Retiring and All Hell Is About to Break Loose

Today Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement In a letter sent this afternoon to President Donald Trump Kennedy announced that effective July 31 of this year he will end his regular active status as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
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Thanks Democrats Love Sam

Maybelline In case you havent noticed the Dems are doing a bang-up job of losing votes already If there were any evidence that the Democratic party took any of its positions from those on the left and because of that lost votes you might have a
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Unedited footage of that live landmark hack from December of 2005 as well as rare footage of LHS Associates President John Silvestro can be seen here And more deep background on LHS and their troubling and exclusive control over New Hampshires
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