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Japanese pop culture takes world stage through virtual influencer

Liam Nikuro, a 21-year-old Japanese-American virtual social media influencer, lives out a jet-setting life between Tokyo and Los Angeles for all to …Read more


Top 10 Anime About Gaming

Microsoft Inspire 2019 Corenote with Satya Nadella

Mark Zuckerberg & Yuval Noah Harari in Conversation

Why it was so easy for Korea to overtake Japan in the pop culture wars

South Korea is ready to rush in where Japan now fears to tread There are a number of reasons why South Koreas ambitions to be the worlds pop culture factory They even went through a rockabilly stage in the 1960s rokabiri and play
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Poker Pop Culture Poker in the Virtual Worlds of Non-Poker Video Games

Poker Pop Culture missions through which the player in this case a war veteran named Niko Bellic has to progress often while behind the wheel of vehicles with which the player can navigate the games complicated virtual world called
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Japan is using cultural diplomacy to reassert its place in the world but is the message too exclusive

Especially since Douglas McGrays 2002 Foreign Policy article on Japans Gross National Cool Tokyo has been trying to convert the global spread of Japanese pop culture into the nations influence on the global stage by strongly communicating
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The virtual vloggers taking over YouTube

They act and sound just like humans Usually vloggers are people who speak directly into the camera to their fans sharing things like beauty tips product reviews and pop culture in virtual worlds will take people to the next stage of the internet
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The 10 Best Japanese Metal Bands

They take influence from bands like Cathedral arena rock and even Japanese Pop and a Visual Kei style to the music in both sound and appearance Despite going through numerous line up changes break ups and reunions X Japan still rages on to
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Tokyo 2020 Assessing Japans Olympic preparations with one year to go

Having lost out on the 2016 edition to Rio de Janeiro and with the country recovering from its worst ever natural disaster Tokyo was undoubtedly a popular choice to stage influencer the node through which the world connects to Japanese culture
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