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Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's Wedding Looked Chaotic As Hell

Well, they actually did it: Just a month after getting engaged, YouTubers Jake Paul, 22, and Tana Mongeau, 21, got married in a what they swear was more than just an elaborate publicity stunt to get more engagement on their social media channels.Read more

Authorities examine cellphone of Jayme Closs kidnapper

Jake Patterson 21 is charged with murdering James and Denise Closs last October 15 and keeping their 13-year-old daughter in captivity for 88 days Search warrant documents filed in Barron County Circuit Court said evidence on the phone could be used
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NRA breaks silence after Vegas shooting to call for additional regulations on bump stocks

Paul Ryan told MSNBC on Thursday Apparently this the bump stock allows you to take a semi-automatic and turn it into a fully automatic So clearly thats something we need to look into The mass shooting on Sunday night in Las Vegas that left
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Marvel Comics October 2015 Covers and Solicitations

Can Elsa survive And even if she makes it out of the Deadlands what world awaits her on the other side Hey look THANOS is here Thats always a good sign Just kidding of course thats terrible news and everything is darkness
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Yearly Archives 2019

The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family How do you adapt Pikachu the most iconic Pokmon of them all into a live-action movi
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TOWIEs Megan McKenna breaks down as she denies sleeping with Jake Hall

The ITVBe newcomer broke down in tears as she was forced to explain herself to Chloe over a rumour circulating on social media claiming shed slept with her boyfriend Jake Hall when she was fully aware the pair were in a relationship Megan 23
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The Flash Tricksters Review An Overstuffed Bag of Goodies

Tricksters was a busy rest of the episodes emphasis on chaotic but silly violence I acknowledge its a delicate balancing act as were about to enter the final run of episodes of the season and the The Flash is a show that loves giving its
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