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Jade Lagardère: le grand coup de bluff

On imagine que son époux, Arnaud Lagardère, a eu un peu de mal à digérer son sandwich (au caviar ?), hier midi à la cantine d'Europe 1 (dont il est le grand patron) quand il a découvert qu'il était… séparé. Jade, à l'autre bout du monde avec leurs enfants, …Read more

Matras Missiles From Out Of The Blue

Current FIA President Jean Todt even drove an MS650 on the 1970 Tour de France Automobile I love these big air box bluff rear designs of the mid-70s But as with everything it all had to come to an end with three consecutive Le Mans victories
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Worlds Best Service 2010

Here TL reader and Worlds Best Awards Sweepstakes winner David Danzig of Atlanta shares the highlights of his five-day stay at St Lucias Jade Mountain Positioned on a bluff in southeast Australias Blue Mountains National Park Lilianfels
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