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Jackie O. Items Featured in Oleg Cassini Estate Auction

A composite suit of plated armor in the Maximilian style broke the American auction record for European armor. By Rosemary Feitelberg on June 28, 2019. Share This Article; Reddit · LinkedIn; WhatsApp; Email; Print; Talk. Washington, D.C.: 1961 First official …Read more

Jackie O Items Featured in Oleg Cassini Estate Auction

OLEGS SELLOUT CROWD Even 13 years after his death Oleg Cassinis name managed to create a sellout estate sale at Doyle on Thursday The all-day event ran for nine and a half hours and the lots sold for a total of more than 13 million according to
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Oleg Cassini Estate Auction A Close-up of the Designers Life Career and Collection

Oleg Cassinis former Oyster Bay estate is due to items that were seized from the Oyster Bay property and the East 19th Street town house The public auction of the Gramercy Park town
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First Lady Jackie Os original wardrobe sketches revealed

Theyve been in my closet all these years and I thought maybe Ill get rid of them and take a trip the ex-assistant Karabell now 78 told The New York Post A week before they were going to auction the Cassini estate put a stop to it
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Historic sketches of Jackie Kennedys wardrobe revealed

Jackie was oh so demure heart of a Manhattan legal battle between the estate of late designer Oleg Cassini and a former assistant who put them up for sale A week before they were going to auction the Cassini estate put a stop to it saying
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Buying a piece of Jackie O

She was a grande dame of style someone who summed up in her every choice – the triple strand of pearls she wore in the early Sixties the sunglasses the head-scarves the Oleg Cassini estate sales The 598-page catalogue contains items from Jackie O
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Melania Trump Is Fashionable But Shes Unlikely To Become A Fashion Icon Like Michelle Obama

Admittedly Melania Trump looked stunning this morning as she walked drawing immediate and likely intentional comparisons to Jackie O who wore the same color Oleg Cassini suit fifty-six years ago today January 20 1961 the day her husband
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