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It's time to end the culture wars

Sometimes, observing government in action can be like watching a group of particularly ill-behaved kindergartners go at it, hammer and tong. Whether …Read more

Avengers Infinity War Review The Brutal End Is Here

Cameron whose 1986 hit Aliens is coincidentally referenced in a very funny pop culture moment during the film Its no coincidence that Infinity War in many ways feels like the end of a journey begun with 2008s Iron Man After a staggering
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The forgotten wolf children of World War II

Dr Michelle Mouton a professor of History at the University of Wisconsin when describing geopolitical decision making at the end time were incredibly selective Its difficult to imagine a time in which the harrowing memories of World War II
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UAE Tells Iran-Backed Yemen Rebels Its Time to End the War

Bloomberg — The United Arab Emirates said its military draw-down from Yemen should be seen by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels as a critical opportunity to end the war with the Saudi-led coalition The Yemeni parties — the Houthis specifically
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How Once Upon a Time in Hollywood rewrites the Manson murders to make a point

Imagine a summer of 1969 in which Nixon pulls American troops out of Vietnam without simultaneously sanctioning an expansion of the war Muhammad Ali free-loving LA culture that hoped for real change Once Upon a Time garnered the moniker
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When You Tell Your 5-Year-Old Daughter the Story of The Lion King for the First Time

photo credit Disney My daughter was consumed by the story beginning to end She looked down introspectively seeking a break from the predominant culture Find their events on Facebook
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Two Painful Truths of Americas Religious Culture War

Government protects our unalienable rights yet at the same time our Constitution is made for a moral and religious people and is wholly inadequate to the government of any other Failure on either end failure of the government to
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