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Istanbul mosque offers hope to homeless with shelter, food and shower

A historic mosque at the center of a populous Istanbul district is providing free showers, clothing and food to the homeless. Selime Hatun Mosque – a …Read more

Controlling street dogs in Turkey…


The 700 Club – June 1, 2011 –

the cats

Historic Istanbul mosque brings fresh hope to homeless

A historic mosque at the center of a populous Istanbul and food to the homeless Selime Hatun Mosque — a small Muslim house of worship in the Beyoglu district dating back to the 17th century — has emerged as a place of hope and temporary shelter
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Street wardens calling themselves the Welcome People tell shop owner hes NOT welcome to hand out tea and food to the homeless

He said We were approached by three people wearing bowler hats who said we should stop providing food to the homeless as it was attracting intimidating and undesirable people to the area I was a bit taken aback As far as I was aware I was doing a good
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Portlands new asylum seekers settle in as the community offers help

He and his family first arrived in Portland weeks ago when the stream of asylum seekers was small enough to fit into the citys shelter for homeless families and a be meeting the basic needs for shelter food and medication through the Portland
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Victoria shelters hope for holiday meal donations

Morales said the residents at the shelter food items as well as other household and personal hygiene items are needed The center offers shelter for all victims of family violence and sexual assault men and women and occasionally for homeless
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8 arrested for throwing rocks at Rachels Tomb

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz will attend the World Energy Congress in Istanbul on Thursday the World Jewish Relief is providing emergency assistance including food water shelter and hygiene kits The American Jewish World Service is
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Letters Christmas wishes for America

My hope for America this Christmas more Americans will volunteer their food funds and time to help those in need It takes just a moment to learn about how we can volunteer or donate to a food bank homeless shelter or community center that helps
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