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Is the Brazilian economy approaching a turning point?

Despite disappointing performance in the first half of the year, key Brazilian economists are growing a tad more optimistic. After 20 consecutive downward reviews, the latest estimate in the central bank’s weekly survey of 100 economists put this year’s GDP at …Read more

Are Central Banks Getting Trapped Into A Zero-Rate World

The Feds monetary policy intentions continue to be a key talking point for investors To put that into perspective imagine the economy of Brazil being worth 0 instead of the roughly 2 trillion it pumps out annually The only way Brazil looks
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Bradescos Clemente Says Brazil Economy Nearing Turning Point

SO PAULOBrazils sluggish economy is nearing a turning point with the approaching release of the 2014 earnings results of Petroleo Brasileiro SA or Petrobras the head of Bradesco investment banking unit said Wednesday State-controlled oil company
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The Ripple Effect from Reagans Economic War on the USSR

American farmers for example have taken an enormous hit while cultivators in other parts of the world from Brazil the tipping point marking the advent of Chinas economic hegemony
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The Dirty Business Behind Bolivias Clean Energy Plans

But these dams are proving controversial for their social environmental and economic consequencesand for the way The standoff was widely viewed as a turning point for the administration setting the stage for pro- and anti-government factions
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Brazils Bolsonaro Is the Face of Populism at the Davos Forum

and he made no apologies for emphasizing economic growth something his critics say will come at the cost of protecting Brazils environment We represent a turning point in the eyes of the Brazilian people a turning point in which ideological
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Trump is cracking down on China Now UC campuses are paying the price

University leaders are scrambling to understand the federal governments new approach even as they try to balance the tradition of openness in US higher education with concerns about national security and economic is a case in point
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