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Is Food Addiction Real?

How many times have you heard or maybe uttered the statement: "I'm addicted to [insert favorite food here]"? Sure, that may be how you genuinely feel …Read more

Is Digital Addiction a Real Threat to Kids

I think the phenomenon of tech addiction is quite real he said In a commentary published last who does research on adolescents use of social media said Its like food its something we all need because of the way businesses run
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Sugar addiction is real heres whats behind the science and how to quit

For those who are concerned they may be suffering from an addiction Avena says there are online diagnostic tools that can help clarify it such as the Yale Food Addiction Scale But in general she says those who feel a loss of control over their
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Is food addiction real

The idea that a person can be addicted to food has gained more support based on brain imaging and other studies of the effects of compulsive overeating on pleasure centers in the brain Experiments in animals and humans show that for some people the
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Food Addiction Is a Real Thing But So Is the Power of Hope

At her worst Sandra Elia reached over 260 pounds and felt defeated from failed diets and empty promises from dieticians Shed had enough She set out to conquer her addiction to food and won – losing over one hundred pounds and keeping it off for over 13
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Travel Insurance Keep this in mind while exploring your favourite Web-series destinations in real life

Binge watching your favourite soap opera on Netflix or the television with some good food is the newest found stress the screens and experience the destinations for real With this growing addiction to globe trot tourism is literally swelling to
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Be careful your food can get you in a soup

In early food addiction brain imaging studies food and the body dissatisfaction that drives the binge-and-restrict behaviour The struggle is real Some people who have had prolonged exposure to high-sugar and high-fat foods have decreased dopamine
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