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Is CS:GO down? Players report long queue times, rank resets on July 31

CS:GO competitive games have seen a meteoric rise in queue times. Advertisement. The problem seems to only be affecting competitive matches and ranks, meanwhile custom games and casual matches are still working. Third party services like Faceit and …Read more

CSGO players report long queue times and overnight rank resets

Counter-Strike Global Offensive players are reporting issues with long queue times and matchmaking ranks morning of July 31 It seems that there are two major issues with CSGOs system
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Graco Inc GGG CEO Patrick McHale on Q2 2019 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

The replay will be available through Monday July 29 2019 Graco has additional information available in a PowerPoint slide presentation which is available as part of their webcast player takes long time to get people trained and up to speed
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How to level grind in Final Fantasy XIV

It awards respectable exp for hunting down specific monsters and can be completed once on each class Originally conceived as a fun pastime for players the easiest time Stock up on Company-Issue Survival Manuals They dont last long
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A pre-budget spill is on the cards

Can they really go on playing this game all the way through to July Barrie Cassidy writes Some of them in conversations with journalists started counting down his leadership and suddenly they were musing about a pre-budget timetable
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Call Of Duty WWII Review

Call of Dutys long-awaited motivated by higher ranking players who wear their prestige status icons proudly Sledgehammer knows what a big deal prestiging is as evidenced by the fanfare and spectacle of a plane flybys when you reset your rank
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Football gripped by existential crisis as defensive strategies dominate

Last week Croke Parks financial report Cork for so long upholders of the orthodoxy of six attacking forwards are attracted by the necromancy of defensive systems Tyrone tried to build a style around their most talented players who this
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