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Is Cannabis A Modern Gold Rush For California Real Estate?

Cannabis is poised to shake the real estate industry to its foundation. Virtually mainstream, it has effectively shed its stoner reputation. Millennials are …Read more

Go Behind the Scenes at a California Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Best Cannabis Domains – Selling Cannabis Internet Real Estate Hundreds of Marijuana Domains

California Couple Finds $10M in Gold Coins Buried in Yard VIDEO

The War on California

Is Cannabis A Modern Gold Rush For California Real Estate

If you turn your nose up high enough youll catch whiff of a new trend blowing through Los Angeles high-end real estate Cannabis Yep the controlled substance the federal government hates and select states love Cannabis is poised to shake the real
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The Cannabis Land Grab in the US and Canada A New Gold Rush

have also realized the investment to be made in cannabis real estate MedMen and Stable Road Capital a Venice California-based investment firm with a successful track record in real estate and cannabis recently founded Treehouse Real Estate Investment
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Gold Rush California Cannabis Operations and Compliance Seminar

LOS ANGELES California Nov 16 2017 GLOBE NEWSWIRE — The golden state of California is officially legalizing marijuana Like the gold rush Commercial Real Estate REITs and owneroperators to successfully guide cannabis businesses on state
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Marijuana Manufacturing Gold Rush Oil Boom Rolled into One

and parlayed the ensuing profits into real estate and eventually became Californias first millionaire Through fully integrated lab manufacturing and end-use verticals Capna is positioned for a similar gambit at the onset of this new green gold rush
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Whats Next for Marijuana Warehouses

Does the growing legalization of recreational and medical marijuana represent a pot of gold for industrial real estate wonder that therell be a gold rush of sorts in emerging marijuana markets particularly California Arcview Market Research
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Legal pot growers to drive up California warehouse rates

Reuters – Legalizing recreational marijuana in California is creating a gold rush for a decidedly less this allows companies with more modern facilities to charger higher rents Underhill said he finds real estate investment trusts for California
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