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Iraqi FM hands over 173 returned antiquities to culture ministry

BAGHDAD, July 29 (Xinhua) — Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hakim on Monday handed to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities 173 …Read more

A game changer Vast developed 9000-year-old settlement found near Jerusalem

is the Big Bang for prehistory settlement research due to its size and the preservation of its material culture said Jacob Vardi co-director of the excavations at Motza on behalf of the Antiquities Authority Its a game changer a site that
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Palmyras Ancient Arch Destroyed By ISIS To Rise Again In London

Though it may look indistinguishable its value may lie primarily in raising awareness of Syrias rich heritage culture advocates say the Islamic State has created a Ministry of Antiquities in areas under its control Weve never seen it on
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Widespread El Al delays at Ben Gurion

A US general says that between 800 and 900 Islamic State group fighters have been killed since the Iraqi-led operation to recapture Mosul from the jihadists began Just in the operations over return its envoy to UNESCO Jordan supported the UN
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Iraq troops aim to tighten noose on Islamic State in Mosul

In some districts control has changed hands Iraqi archaeological sites from the control of forces of dark and evil is a victory not only to Iraqis but for all humanity Rasheed deputy minister for tourism and antiquities at the culture ministry
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How to fight Daesh

The terrorist organization Daesh has captured the worlds attention with gruesome videos of beheadings wanton destruction of antiquities and skilled use of social media It has also captured a large part of eastern Syria and western Iraq proclaimed a
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Denver councilman Rein in medical marijuana

Citing a regulatory vacuum that allows a freewheeling culture among some Denver medical-marijuana As well detail tomorrow the situation has gotten completely out of hand Huge numbers of people who likely arent at all suffering from
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