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Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to be introduced in Islamabad

In a bid to ease the transportation-related issues and traffic congestion, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to introduce an Intelligent Transportation System in the federal capital of Pakistan. The advanced traffic management system will be …Read more

The Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro bus

World's most expensive metro | Islamabad metro | ft.Aizaz khan | vlog#3

Team ITS (Intelligent Traffic Solutions) Presentation in CASE SPARK 2011

Islamabad City of Pakistan HD 2017 Islamabad Beautiful City of Pakistan

CDA to introduce first ever Intelligent Transport System in metropolis

is to introduce Intelligent Transportation System ITS first ever in the country to mitigate transportation related requirements The ITS will be introduced at Islamabad Expressway from Zero
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Islamabad to Get Pakistans First Intelligent Transportation System

an Intelligent Transportation System ITS is set to be introduced by the Capital Development Authority CDA to ease transportation-related issues The system will be installed at the Islamabad
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Capital to get intelligent traffic management system

ISLAMABAD decided to introduce an intelligent traffic system To be implemented in the country for the first time ever the Intelligent Transportation System ITS will help mitigate
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CDA to introduce modern traffic monitoring system on Islamabad Expressway

ISLAMABAD The Capital Development Authority CDA has decided to introduce an Intelligent Transportation System ITS to provide information to According to the authority the system will be introduced from Zero Point to Rawat and will control
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Traffic managers move to connect vehicles to infrastructure each other

Los Angeles California announced in February 2013 that it had become the first major city in the world to synchronize all of its traffic companies and transportation specialists develop and use intelligent transportation systems with growing
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SIEMENS and Amdocs to Offer High-reliability Connected Critical Infrastructure Wireless Solutions based on CBRS

The Federal Communications Commission FCC introduced CBRS which enables shared wireless self-healing power gridssmart-grid systems and intelligent transportation systems for traffic management and railway control systems
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