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Instagram is thinking about hiding the public “Like” count

Instagram is expanding its test of a feature that hides public “Like” counts. The test began in Canada in April, and, starting Wednesday, added Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. It's still just an experiment, and Instagram hasn't said …Read more

Will Hiding Like Counts Be Good for Instagram Users Test Is Expanded to 6 More Countries

Of course people can still do a manual count if they want to take But not everybody is excited about hiding like counts Adam Liaw a chef and author in Australia with more than 100000 Instagram followers said on Twitter that he thought the change
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Instagram is thinking about hiding the public Like count

Instagram is expanding its test of a feature that hides public Like counts The test began in Canada in April and starting Wednesday added Ireland Italy Japan Brazil Australia and New Zealand Its still just an experiment and Instagram
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Instagram is hiding like count on posts Heres why

Instagram hiding of the likes for users as a test no deadline was given for when it would end Instagram which has more than one billion users worldwide is a platform that allows users to post images and videos that others can then like
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instagram is removing the like count feature in six more countries

Back in April when Instagram announced that it would be testing a new feature that would hide the like counts under other iPhone snap without the fear of public scrutiny can only be a relief
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Instagram Is Starting to Hide Like Counts on Photos – Find Out Why

Instagram is experimenting with a big change The photo sharing social media platform announced on Wednesday July 17 that users in certain countries would no longer see a view count or like amount on WHAT DO YOU THINK of this proposed change
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Instagram will test hiding public like counts in Canada

Instagram announced at its F8 developer conference today that itll start testing a new feature later this week thatll hide users public like counts on videos and Instagram is something were always thinking about Its unclear if
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