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Inside Europe: Greece's scam culture

Greek authorities have unleashed a storm of raids at businesses on the tourist island of Mykonos and other islands in the Aegean. Complaints by …Read more

Inside Europe Greeces scam culture

Theyve increased dramatically during the countrys economic recession But critics say Greeces so-called scam culture is ultimately to blame Anthee Carassava reports
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Fall 2019 Announcements Business Economics

Bet on Talent How to Create a Remarkable Culture That Wins the Hearts of Customers by Dee 10 27 ISBN 978-0-544-91114-7 relates the rise of daily fantasy sports providing an inside account of the rise fall and rise of two companies that became
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Inside the Deep Web Drug Lab

Lladanosa and her colleague Ivn Forns Espinosa have also received drugs anonymously from people in China Australia Europe and the United States and common caffeine The deep web drug lab is the brainchild of Fernando Caudevilla a Spanish
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Defense Dept decision gives China chance for foothold between US and Europe

Chinese land between US and Europe Praia da Vitria The impact was felt immediately said Tiberio Dinis a Praia da Vitria alderman and the towns culture minister He said roughly 30 percent of the local economy left with the Americans
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Sail Away How Enyas Orinoco Flow Went From a Hit to a Punch Line to a Pop Culture Anthem

Enya sailed into the cultures consciousness on October 15 The last laugh it should be said belongs to Enya who is one of the wealthiest musicians in Europe 104 milliondespite having released only six albums since 1988 never touring
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We Live in the Pop-Culture World That Lou Pearlman Created

But Pearlman did change pop culture In some respects Although the Backstreet Boys took some time to catch on in the States they were big in Europe and Canada first they eventually broke through with Max Martins song Quit Playing Games
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