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Infested With Culture

I'm originally from Maryland. My first state. My first place. My first people. And I love it. It's got the best seafood in the country outside of Louisiana, and …Read more

Baltimore Begs to Disagree With Trumps Disparagement

Elsewhere are cultural touchstones including the Baltimore Museum of which seemed to shrink the city to a crime-infested caricature Nancy O Greene who has lived in Baltimore for 15 years cited the thriving arts community in her neighborhood
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Trump calls Elijah Cummings Baltimore district disgusting rat and rodent infested mess

Cumming District is a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess class and attract a new group of disaffected voters who fear cultural changes across America Cummings district is about
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Reporter April Ryan says White House is infested with stink bugs and rodents

The White House is infested with mice AR Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture politics and entertainment He has covered The Obama White House the summer Olympics
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Baltimore Residents Respond to Trumps Rat Infested City Comments Im Thrilled to Be Here

Renny Bass a 53-year-old resident who owns a cultural arts center in central Baltimore communities and for referring to majority African American communities as infested Bass argues that Trump symbolizes an America in which racial inequalities
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Americas love affair with guns creates killers I know Im one of them

I never had to witness any real violence never lived in a gang-infested neighborhood We need to change the way our culture portrays gunplay as glorious and heroic Think of our favorite movie stars and the roles they made famous Dirty Harry Rambo
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National Conservatives Want Cultural Dominance Not Social Cohesion

While Donald Trump was imploring nonwhite Democrats to go back to the crime infested places from which Americas contemporary economy and culture really are atomizing
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