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Indonesian Haul festival recalls pre-Islamic culture

The choreographed movements of the Jaran Kepang are intense, and a performance can last up to several hours, leaving the dancers drained of …Read more

Boko Haram And The Crisis Of Authority In The Muslim World The Shariahs Lost Soul

Solid majorities in most of the countries favour the establishment of shariah including 99 of Muslims in Afghanistan 71 of Muslims in Nigeria 72 in Indonesia and endures over these temporal pre Islamic cultural traditions and practices
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Can GoPro Rise Again

He is here for the GoPro Mountain Games a weekend-long festival of kayaking My kids are 16 says Michael Pachter an analyst with Wedbush And I dont recall ever going to a soccer game and seeing people with GoPro cameras
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Mark Morris epic love story Layla and Majnun comes to Melbourne Festival 2018

They asked if I would be interested in making it into a stage show and I said Im exactly the right person but I dont want to do it recalls Morris Putting on a pre-Islamic folk tale in Donald Trumps America has predictably been greeted as
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Brand Shift The Martin Agencys John Adams Starts a New Chapter

Martin also won the coveted film grand prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for advertising It was a fairly small agency maybe 20 people Adams recalls But it boasted of much-heralded successes as the Virginia Is
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Thinking Big

This display of religious fervor is tame come the annual Thaipusam festival rival Hindu devotees will skewer That is going to be a really long haul Its not that easy Mahathirs plan is like a Chinese puzzle the fit of every piece depends on
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Mike Pence praises Indonesias moderate Islamic culture

US Vice President Mike Pence praised Indonesias democracy and moderate form of Islam on Thursday alongside the president of the worlds most populous Muslim nation reinforcing his message with a visit to the regions largest mosque Pences comments
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