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India warms up to Pakistan, offers talks on Kartarpur Corridor

–Proposal suggests that officials of both countries meet on Pakistani side of Wagah Border between July 11 and 14. India has proposed to hold talks with Pakistani officials on Kartarpur Corridor between July 11 and 14 on the Pakistani side of Wagah Border …Read more

Sikhs in Pakistan celebrate Besakhi festival

India Replies to Pakistan Letter Regarding Kartarpur Corridor

Kartarpur Corridor Talks: India Proposes Two Dates for Pakistan Delegation Visit

Kartarpur Sahib Corridor क्या है ? Can it Improve India Pakistan Relations

Understanding the Latest India-Pakistan Meeting on the Kartarpur Corridor

On March 14 Pakistan and Indias delegations met on the Indian side of the Attari-Wagah border to finalize the modalities for the Kartarpur corridors opening Is the Chinese Militarys Preferred Warm-Up Fight At some point the Chinese military
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India Pakistan hold constructive discussions on Kartarpur corridor

Talks begin between India and Pakistan to discuss and finalise the modalities for the Kartarpur Corridor that will facilitate Indian An Indian delegation will visit Islamabad for a follow-up meeting on March 28 The meeting is taking place a month
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Pakistan still willing to open Kartarpur crossing despite Indias unfortunate decision Chaudhry

well open the Kartarpur-Sahib Corridor he said was the basic issue between Pakistan and India and said that New Delhi had wasted a wonderful opportunity for peace by rejecting the prime ministers offer On Friday the Indian government
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Morning digest G-20 resolves to free Internet of extremism only 20 of Nirbhaya Fund used till 2018 and more

After weeks of an impasse on the Kartarpur corridor the government has written to Pakistan proposing the next round of talks to be held from July incredibly costly to treat affect up to 96 million Indians Indias National Policy for Treatment
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Kartarpur Corridor Talks on Hold as India Seeks Clarification on Names of Tainted Pak Envoys

New Delhi The talks on Kartarpur and Bishen Singh in Pakistans 10-member committee set up three days back Reacting to the Kartarpur corridor issue the government sources stated There cant be any let up in security India hopes Pakistan
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Kartarpur corridor talks in trouble

There is a gap in perception because India says it took up Pakistan PM Imran Khans offer on Kartarpur corridor because it was open-ended But India feels the limitation on the number and category of pilgrims besides the mode of travel
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