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In Defense of Much-Maligned Ultra-Processed Foods

Many consumers recognize that ultra-processed foods contain additives … At home, for example, Canada's Food Guide recommends staying away …Read more

In defense of ultra-processed foods

Ultra-processed foods a label coined in research by a Brazilian pediatrician have been targeted as a menace to society for quite some time mostly by environmental advocates and health
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In defense of the much-maligned grackle

The gleaming black birds actually play a beneficial role in our society Well besides cleaning up those food crumbs you dropped on the sidewalk Grackles which are a native species in Texas eat insects for one And that includes those you might not
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What the A-10 Warthog Would Do in a Second Korean War

The much-maligned A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack airplane Israels Air Force faced SA-6 air defense missiles coupled with ZSU Quad 4 23mm guns Both were mobile and could move with the
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Dolphins much-maligned run defense comes up big vs Philadelphia

Interim coach Dan Campbell knew why his run defense turned in one of its best performances of Cornerback Brent Grimes food poisoning didnt play Sunday and Jenkins left ankle and cornerback Brice McCain knee were sidelined by halftime
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In defense of much maligned coyote

Ive always known a landscape calls for something bigger and fiercer than the secretive bobcat Betsy saw What we needed was a top-of-the-food-chain predator in the big woods behind our house After we heard the coyotes the first time the sound
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The Promise and Problem of Fake Meat

When our diets were too high in fat and cholesterol food scientists created low-fat products When we lacked vitamins scientists invented nutrient fortification We are as Michael Pollan argued in In Defense higher tier of ultra-processed food
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