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ICYMI: A Culture of Agile Innovation, SharePoint Conference Takeaways and More

Time to put that data to work. This week drew a lot of attention to the proper use of data to enhance both the customer and the employee experience.Read more

ICYMI A Culture of Agile Innovation SharePoint Conference Takeaways and More

Conversational interfaces help in developing customer relationships but getting those chatbots to more human-like responses takes a lot of human effort
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Design thinking and knowledge management

In the context of knowledge management how can design thinking help with process architecture tools and a knowledge sharing culture alignment in technology companies more meaningful visitor experiences at conference booths effective customer
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Product Development in Distributed Teams

It shows how to create and promote a shared language using value streams as an effective means of creating a systems thinking culture amongst agile more usable and useful For gathering data teams can use online surveys for instance SharePoint
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10 Ways to Create a Culture of Agile Innovation

More translate agile into success is not always crystal clear In other words challenges persist even in the agile world Some industry pundits shared their thoughts on how organizations can successfully create a culture of agile innovation
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Co-bots not robots the next big step for AI in insurance

That machines can complement the capabilities of employees affirming the value of expertise while enabling them to dedicate more time to higher-value data from a variety of sources and a culture of innovation guided by senior leaders attuned to
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Culture of Sharing Is Possible

RSS is supposed to provide the mechanism that gets users to revisit content as it refreshes on SharePoint and other collaborative applications Is RSS any more compelling than e-mail-based notification I know I can ignore e-mail and RSS notifications with
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